That One About Her

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That girl who thinks she is so cool, which she definitely might be.


I live in constant fear that everyone will leave me. Mostly because everyone does leave me. If they don’t leave me on their own I end up pushing them away because I’m so afraid they’ll leave anyway. Either way, I lose everyone.

Sometimes I have those days where I just want to breakdown and cry because I feel like it’s normal but when I tell my friends how I’m feeling they laugh, turn, and walk away like I’m crazy… But maybe that’s the thing, I AM AND HOW NORMAL IS FUCKED UP.

I almost feel ALONE in our ^fucked up society

There’s the thing…IM NOT NORMAL but I am HUMAN and we GET HURT naturally and need to release the pain in someway, crying just seemed like the best solution but if they don’t think that it’s normal to break then why should I have to live with the pain.
Just tell me that one… Why?
Why is there pain in this wold that hurts innocent souls, it really hurts me to know that others are hurting so badly.